Working Conditions Handbook <Q&A> 労働条件ハンドブック(英語)

Japan has a range of laws in place designed to ensure fair working conditions and the health and safety of workers, and which protect workers through compensation etc. in the event they are injured or become sick at work or on the way to work. These laws apply equally to everyone irrespective of nationality. As such, you are entitled by law to receive the same treatment as Japanese workers.


Q.1:  I am working on a contract with a period of 3 years, but was told by my employer that I will have to pay a 500,000 yen fine if I resign from work before my period of contract expires. Do I really need to pay this fine?

ANSWER: No, you do not. Employers are prohibited from levying fines etc. on workers if they resign prior to the expiration of contract.

Q.1: 3年の契約期間で働いていますが、使用者から、期間が満了する前に退職したら罰金50万円を支払うよう言われましたが、本当に支払う必要がありますか。

ANSWER:  使用者は、労働者が契約期間の前に退職したら違約金を支払ってもらう、というような取決めをすることは禁止されています。

Q.2:  I was injured in a workplace accident and had been off work for treatment, but was dismissed from work on the grounds that the company could no longer afford to keep me on. Can I be dismissed under such circumstances?

ANSWER:  No, you cannot. Employers cannot dismiss workers while they are off work for treatment due to an injury sustained in the course of work. However, this restriction on dismissal does not apply in the event that continuance of the enterprise has been made impossible by a natural disaster or other unavoidable reason.

Q.2: 職場の事故でケガをしたため治療のため休業していましたが、会社経営が行き詰ったとの理由で解雇されました。このような解雇は許されるのでしょうか ?

ANSWER:  使用者は、労働者が業務上の負傷によって療養のために休業している期間は解雇できません。ただし、天災事変その他やむを得ない事由のため事業の継続が不可能となった場合には、この解雇制限の規定は適用されません。

Q.3:  I was told by my employer that the company does not have any work on at the moment so the factory will be closed for a week. Am I able to receive compensation for my wages?

ANSWER:  In the event of an absence from work for reasons attributable to the employer, the employer is obliged to pay the worker an allowance for absence from work, amounting to around 60% of the worker’s expected wage.

Q.3: 仕事がないので工場を1週間休みにすると言われましたが、賃金は補償してもらえますか。

ANSWER:  使用者の都合で仕事が休みになった場合は、使用者は労働者に対して、支払われるはずの賃金の額の約60%以上を支払わなければなりません。

Q.4:  I was injured on the job and am unable to work. My company is paying for my medical treatment, but will not compensate me for my wages while I am off work.

ANSWER:  Compensation insurance for industrial accidents applies to all workers irrespective of nationality. Under the compensation insurance for industrial accidents scheme, you are eligible to receive an absence from work (compensation) benefit from the fourth day of absence from work in the event that you are injured or fall sick at work or on the way to work and cannot work and receive wages due to medical treatment.

Q.4: 仕事中にケガをして、働くことができません。会社からは、治療費は支払ってもらっていますが、休んでいる間の賃金の補償はしてもらえません。

ANSWER:  労災保険は、外国人労働者も含めた全ての労働者に対して適用があります。労災保険では、業務上又は通勤途上の負傷又は疾病による療養のため労働することができず賃金を受けることができない場合、休業 4 日目からは休業(補償)給付を受けることができます。

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